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The kids are having a well deserved break from their studies so make sure you check out our Fun and Leisure page, with lots of ideas and venues where to take your kids during the holiday months, including PlayCentres, Theme Parks, Beaches, Camping, and much more!

With over half of the holidays already over, parents will soon start turning their attention to the new scholastic year. Enrolling your child can be as easy as contacting the school of your choice and filling in the relevant forms, or may involve putting your child’s name down at a private school from shortly after their birth.

Our tips on choosing a school might help if you are still deciding which school is right for your child. More here.

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Why are children failing in maths while doing well in other subjects?
LatchOn Initiative launched
LatchOn Initiative launched
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  Many people believe parenting should come naturally but sometimes we all need a bit of help, which is when parenting classes can be useful. More here.
The time has come and you’re ready to start preparing for pregnancy – congratulations!

Family Games for Halloween
Whether you're holding a party or just need some ideas to keep your children occupied at home on 31 October - this should provide some inspiration.
Helping Children Understand Death
It may seem unusual to talk of children and death in the same sentence since in our struggle to protect them from the subject of death we render it taboo.
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Whether you are looking for a pediatrician or a family therapist, here is where you will find a panel of experts to address your questions, challenges, and concerns.

We will be adding more experts as time goes on too, so bookmark this page for reference! On each expert's landing page, we'll post the links to questions and answers so you can see what has been asked already.


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