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ADHD Family Support Group Malta

The ADHD Malta is a non-governmental organisation offering support, information, advice based on personal experience and a sympathetic ear.

The Group is also member of ADHD Europe and Malta Health Network and is associated with  the National Commission of Persons with Disabilities..
The Committee is formed by parents of children with ADHD and adults who themselves have ADHD.
The Group's aims:
  • To provide sufferers, their parents and professionals with information about the ADHD disorder; since it is only by education and knowledge that a person can be proactive;
  • To undertake public education and awareness activities;
  • To conduct educational activities aimed at educational and social care practitioners;
  • To build a specialised library for use by people with ADHD, their parents, siblings, as well as professionals;
  • To encourage parents and professionals to work together for the benefit of the child;
  • To promote mutual support among members;
  • To stimulate policy changes.
  • To offer courses and other services to members and professionals in relation with ADHD.

ADHD Malta meets up every Second Friday of the Month for families with children who have ADHD, every Third Friday of the Month in Gozo for families with children who have ADHD and every Last Friday of the Month for adults with ADHD.

These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about ADHD, as for e.g. parents of children just diagnosed with ADHD, Adults, Teachers, Facilitators, Professionals etc.

Basically, we welcome all who want to learn more about this condition.  For further information about the meetings kindly visit our website.

During the family meetings, child minding is available.

Become a Member

Membership costs €20 per annum per family and €10 for singles and unemployed persons.  Membership automatically entitles you to:
  • Participation to our meetings for free
  • First preference for activities/courses/events which we organise from time to time
  • Access to our library
  • Updates about information regarding ADHD and other local events/studies in relation with ADHD

Should you wish to join ADHD Malta kindly send cheque payable to:
ADHD Malta

Send to:
The Honorary Treasurer
ADHD Malta
P.O. Box 2,
STJ 1001
For more information visit their website here

73 Bir-Bal Street, Balzan BZN9015, Malta
Email: info@kidsmalta.com
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