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Autism Parents Association MALTA

The Autism Parents Association (APA) is a non govermental association, designed to help and facilitate the process to families with children effected by Autism.

APA has been set up by parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Association currently has close to 100 members in the association all of whom are parents of children with the spectrum of Austism.
The aims of the Association are to create awareness in the Society, since Autism is a condition which is not visible and the number of children being diagnosed with (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorders is on the increase.
Parents pass through lots of hardships primarily to obtain diagnosis and secondly to identify the needs of their children. The Association aims to create opportunities for parents to become educated to develop opportunities both locally and hopefully internationally.
Contacting the Association
Please click here to send an email message to the Autism Parents Association. For more information visit their website here

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