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Product Review: BrightSpark Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutoring Fit For Malta’s Masses

BrightSpark Education are looking for a group of around 10 parents in Malta to trial and review their innovative one-to-one online maths tutoring.

The trial will begin in February 2011 and each tester will receive an account with 3 free sessions.

To find out more and sign up for a FREE TRIAL email Caroline on caroline.lowden@brightsparkeducation.com or call on +442075803044.


BrightSpark Education provides specialist one-to-one maths tutoring online for 7-16 year olds.
Sessions are affordable, from only €15 per hour.
The tutors are all maths graduates and former maths teachers, trained in the UK curriculum, with full security checks. Flexible and convenient, the tutors are available any day, any time - including weekends and school holidays - to work on any topic in the curriculum, and only need 24 hours notice.

Sessions are conducted on user-friendly interactive whiteboards that allow clear, live conversation between student and tutor.

Students also have free and unlimited access to testing, presentations and past papers in their online account.

How does it work?
It’s really simple!  All you need to use BrightSpark is a computer with internet access, plus a headset to talk live and clearly with your tutor.
Each student opens a personal account with their own log-in name and password.  They will use this to book and attend sessions, and to access our free resources at any time.
To book a session, you just select the time and date for the session and the topic you wish to cover. Booked sessions are displayed in the student’s account.  Click the “Attend Session” at the chosen time and your tutor is ready and waiting to begin.

Sessions are conducted via on-screen whiteboards with simple two-way voice technology. Tutor and student can talk through lesson content and use on-screen animation to boost learning and enjoyment.

All sessions are recorded and saved into the student’s account to be used for revision or viewed by parents.  After each session parents receive a feedback email from the tutor.

So why should my child use it?
Students feel confident and engaged working online. UK Government research has shown that students using online learning in maths develop at twice the national average.

The tutors are all maths specialists, properly trained in the UK curriculum.
BrightSpark is convenient, affordable and accountable to parents, who can easily follow their child’s progress.  Topics can be chosen to complement the child’s ongoing class work.



 Jesse has just achieved the second highest score in his maths class. He’s only been working with BrightSpark for a few weeks, but already his progress has been really positive and it is an amazing achievement from my perspective, I’d like to express my thanks to his tutors. Lola, mother of Jesse, Key Stage 3.

The ease with which the system works is impressive”. Chris Drage, former Headmaster and PTA reviewer

BrightSpark Education’s specialist maths tutoring has made a real difference to pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of the subject...Every child has improved and become more confident in their maths ability.”

Rebecca Stacey, Head of Year 6, Ashmount Primary School, London


Visit www.BrightSparkEducation.com to find out more



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