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Is Your Child Ready for Fame?

We are looking for pictures of your child/ren to be a part of the kidsmalta Photo competition! Every month you can submit photos to participate in any of the following categories: 0-24 months / 2-4 years / 5-7 years.
All photos will be uploaded to the kidsmalta.com Facebook page and the entries with the highest number of “Likes” will each win a prize and will be featured on the home page of kidsmalta.com for a whole month.*
So send your treasured pictures to kidsmalta.com and your child could be the one featured on Malta’s most popular parenting resource! 
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the photos you submit reflect the current age of your children.


We are now accepting entries for May 2013 - all you have to do to take part in our competition is send us your photo to info@kidsmalta.com, together with the name/s of the child/ren in the photo and the name and contact details of the parent/s.
You will also have to indicate in which category you want your photo to be submitted.
All photos received by 30th April 2013 will be uploaded to the kidsmalta Facebook page from the 1st till the 31st May 2013. The photos with the highest amount of ‘likes’ in their respective categories at the end of May will each win a prize.
The same process will be repeated every month - with new prizes added accordingly.
So join the fun - and start sending your photos straight away!




The winners of the Facebook photo competition all win One4All Vouchers!


* Full Terms and Conditions:
1) Send your entry as an email attachment to info@kidsmalta.com.
2) Include your name and your child’s name amd age in the same email
3) Photos submitted have to reflect the current age of your children
4) kidsmalta.com reserves the right to refuse an entry if it is deemed inappropriate.
5) Photos will be uploaded by kidsmalta.com to the competition's Facebook albums.
6) The photos with the most “Likes” at the end of the month will be declared the winners.
7) Participants can submit more than one photo.
8) Winning photos cannot be re-submitted to participate again
9) Children declared as winners will be eligible to participate again after a period of three (3) months
10) There will be no competition if we receive less than two (2) photos for any particular category
11) Winner will be contacted by return email

73 Bir-Bal Street, Balzan BZN9015, Malta
Email: info@kidsmalta.com
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