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Child Locator Competition

The Mommy I'm Here Child Locators have just been launched in Malta and we have one to give away in our exciting new competition!
The pink and brown bear locators are a proven way to add peace of mind on any excursion. Simply turn on the bear and press the button on your keychain remote to arm. Every time you arm the brown or pink original locator, it chooses a different code out of 1500 potential codes, virtually eliminating the possibility for interference from other users.
When you need to find your little one, simply press the button on your keychain remote to set off the alarm on the little bear. The bear can lace into the shoe laces via the sturdy loop on the bear, or can be mounted on the child's belt.

This competition is now closed
The winner of a "Mommy I'm Here Child Locator" is Christine Scicluna, who has been notified accordingly. 


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