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Win €200 Worth of Toys!

Sandra Hili-Vassallo has won the Christmas competition run on Child magazine in conjunction with kidsmalta.com and Pedigree Toyshops.

Participants were asked to suggest a New Year's Resolution for parents to make. Many excellent suggestions were made, a lot of them revolving around the need to give children quality time and the importance of listening to them.
Ms Hili-Vassallo won because her resolution expressed both these needs so well, as well as the idea that making a constant effort to understand one's children is fundamental to good parenting:

"I shall try to see the world through my child's eyes and step into her shoes, in order to better understand what is going on in that little head of hers. I shall listen as well as talk, learn as well as teach."

Congratulations to her. She has won €200 worth of toys from Pedigree Toyshops. Many thanks to all those who participated. Some of the replies will be featured in the next issue of Child magazine, out early 2009.

Picture shows Mario Balzan Demajo (right), Managing Director of Pedigree Toyshops presenting the voucher to Sandra Hili-Vassallo (centre), in the presence of kidsmalta.com's Geraldine Schembri
Our best Christmas ever!!

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