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Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups lollipops and more.

Chupa Chups famed logo, designed by Salvador Dali, adorns the extensive range of the well-known range of lollipops sold all over the world and loved by people at all ages!

Chupa Chups delights its fans with different flavours and flavour combinations, wide range of packs and formats.

Try the traditional ‘The Best Of’ lollipops, choose from apple, strawberry, and cola flavours, or try the new and intriguing tastes of the ‘Exotic Tropic’ lollipops flavours of coconut-pineapple and banana-strawberry.

Look out for the new ‘Chupa Chups Babol’ bubble gum sticks by Chupa Chups in strawberry or cola. More gum, more fun!

Hence, grab the opportunity.

Lollipops have never achieved such perfection, not to mention their delicious and great taste!

Distributed by:
Paul Bonnici & Son Ltd., Jade, Mdina Road, Zebbug

T: 2258 5600 | E: info@pbsl.com.mt

73 Bir-Bal Street, Balzan BZN9015, Malta
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