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By the end of the program, you will be informed on proper nutrition, breast feeding procedures, circumcision and infant health. Additional topics include guidance on postpartum depression, exercise, intimacy, infant CPR, child seatbelt safety, recommended baby products and much more. This DVD features 13 experts who share their knowledge and advice on pregnancy before, during and after birth. These essential testimonies provide the necessary education to protect the health and safety of your new baby.
Dr Miriam Stoppard's Having  a Baby
Dr Miriam Stoppard provides a practical guide to having a baby, from the point of conception to birth. Having a baby is the definitive DVD guide to having a baby by leading pregnancy and childcare expert Doctor Miriam Stoppard.  

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Help! I'm Having a Baby
The UK s best selling pregnancy guide with no actual birth scenes. Help! I m having a baby is divided into three sections and covers everything you ll need to know about pregnancy, giving birth and life with your new born baby. This DVD is so simple to use and completely interactive so you can watch specific sections quickly and easily, at the touch of a button.
A best-selling guide to pregnancy, including all the necessary facts. Features no actual birth scenes.
Toddler Time!
Features five animated episodes. Episodes include: 'Busy Buses', 'Connie The Cow', 'Letters From Felix', 'Salty's Lighthouse' and 'Three Fishketeers'.

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100 Toddler Tunes and Rhymes
A collection of one hundred tunes and rhymes designed to help language development in young children.

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A Labour of Love - Yoga for Pregnancy
A labour of love is a personal one-to-one session between one of Irelands most experienced Yoga instructors Sighle Mc Donnell and Dee ORourke who is 8 months pregnant with her 4th child. Sophie. This DVD takes you through a practical programme, suitable for all levels, whether you have prior experience of Yoga or not. The DVD is set out in five independent sections, each of which can be practised separately. Written guidelines are included to ensure maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment for each and every viewer.
The 5 sections of A Labour of Love embrace all aspects of the practise of yoga, namely; breath awareness, supported floor postures, sitting postures, standing postures and relaxation. Sighle takes Dee through clearly illustrated examples of how to develop an understanding of the breath which is a vital tool at all the stages of pregnancy and labour. This has never been illustrated in such detail before on DVD.

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