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Win a €200 Voucher from Forestals

Welcome to yet another fantastic competition on kidsmalta.com!

We have teamed up with Child magazine and Forestals to offer a fantastic shopping spree for children as we head into the summer: €200 worth of video games, on any platform – guaranteed to keep them busy for at least some of the time during the long, hot summer holidays!
The winning entry has been chosen by Mark Wood, Editor of Child Magazine. Mark chose the reply sent by Fiona Laferla, who sent us the following answer to the question "What are your best suggestions for family fun and learning this summer?":
"I am thinking of low budget or free educational entertainment: -Be the first at the beach, snorkel while the sea is all clear, have a sand castle contest and leave before 11am -Join nature trust,Klabb Ballottra, birdlife or any other group to visit places like Wied Ghollieq, Dwejra Heritage park, Xrobb l-Ghagin etc. -Kids and adults enjoy peer company so use friends and family resources such as their talents that come free. Today will be a sleepover at the arty friend who will offer an art session. Next week you invite her and the kids and have a cooking session at home. Another time it could be the sporty one, the dancer, the actress etc. -Try something new as a family such as horse riding, sailing, abseiling etc -Volunteer to help AAA, SPCA, malta mission fund, or any another cause you believe in and participate in their activities. This will teach children values in a fun way as well as allow them and you to meet people who share your family values."
Well done to Fiona who wins a €200 voucher from Forestals, redeemable on video games. Thanks to all those who participated!

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