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Granny Aupair – experienced “Grannies” as au pair”

Product Review: Granny Aupair – experienced “Grannies” as au pair” 
Experienced Granny as Au Pair – Why not?

Experience how an au pair-grandma can become part of your family and bring peace and stability to  your family due to her reliable childcare. Our Grannies offer what many young au pairs cannot deliver and what families thus appreciate:

They have life experience,  are grounded and responsible. Grannies have time for baking, crafts, cooking and games. They give love, safety and security and offer what working parents cannot achieve during the week.

Especially for families abroad (or going abroad) a loving “replacement” Granny is often a helpful support with childcare, bringing a bit of home abroad.

Thus the families have enough latitude to engage with the new situation in a new country with a different culture. For more and more families an aupair grandmother is turning out to be the ideal childcare.

Like Gerda (57), who spent ten months with an expat German family in Nottingham. Prior to her placement she and her husband visited the doctor couple at their and hit it off immediately, espe-cially with their then 18 month old daughter Jessica.

Gerda moved into the couple’s garden house with free board and lodging. “I didn’t receive a fee, but my family, who is very proud of me, could stay with me any time”. She quickly became in-volved into her host’s family’s life, picking Jessica up from nursery, spending the afternoons with her, accompanying them to parties, on trips etc

The Grannies are on a private trip – the length of their stay is determined individually by the fami-lies and Grannies. In some countries the duration of stay is influenced by visa requirements.

Our agency situated in Hamburg was the first of this kind on the market and was founded by mother and grandmother Michaela Hansen in 2010. Granny Aupair has already placed nearly 500 grannies in 40 different countries.

Confidentialness, quality, openness and personal support are very important to us. We are in personal contact with all our members. Our price structure is totally transparent without hidden costs.

Just take a look at the experiences of some of our grannies and families (http://www.granny-aupair.com/en/about-us/granny-aupair-experiences/index.html ) and register free of charge to take a non-committal look at our grannies’ profiles.

More information here.

“The Grannies life experience is worth their weight in gold.“

“Like last time we have been very lucky with our Granny.”

"She brought so much happiness into our home."


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