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Kids in Company Competition


Take some time off for yourself ...
WIN 4 hours of FREE babysitting!

We have teamed up with Kids in Company to present you yet another competition! Scroll down to see how you can particpate.
Kids in Company are the Babysitter and Nanny Agency in Malta - they offer the following services to Maltese parents:
  • Live In/Out Nanny
    The selected candidate is responsible for the child / children, as well as any household tasks related to the well being of the child / children.
  • Childcare + House Help
    In addition to caring for the child / children, the selected candidate will also be responsible for other household chores.
  • Babysitting
    This involves the supervision of the child / children over a number of hours.
  • Emergency childcare
    Caught up in an emergency and have no idea where or with whom to leave the kids? Leave them in the comfort of your home and we will send our on-call carer to supervise your kids.
  • Tutoring
    Does your schedule leave you little time to help your young ones with their homework? Our team also includes a number of tutors who can help.
  • Care for children with special (physical / behavioral) needs
    We understand that any parent needs some time off every now and again, especially when the demands of child rearing are accentuated with special, physical, mental or behavioral needs. Our carers can provide the respite you may need from time to time.
  • Kid Entertainment for events
    Are you inviting friends over with their kids? Would you like to enjoy socializing without the little ones being around? While you relax, we can provide you with the right person to supervise and entertain the children to ultimately make sure that the event is enjoyed by adults and kids alike.
 For more information please contact Kids in Company directly here.

This competition is now closed
The winner is Ruth Agius, who will be notified shortly. 

73 Bir-Bal Street, Balzan BZN9015, Malta
Email: info@kidsmalta.com
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