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Mini Micro Scooter

Product Review: Mini Micro Scooters
Safe and Fun exercise for young children
The revolutionary Mini Micro Scooter is now in Malta.  Designed for children aged 2-5 years, there is no scooter on the market like the Mini Micro scooter.
Developed with the help of Swiss medical experts, the Mini Micro scooter gives young children independence whilst helping them develop their critical balance and coordination skills.  It is lightweight and portable (weighs 1.7 kilos).  It assembles in two pieces and will fit easily on top of a buggy or in the corner of a café.
The Mini Micro is ideal for developing balance, co-ordination, motor skills and overall confidence in youngsters.  Its proximity to the ground, simple steering (it steers by shifting body weight, rather than twisting the handle bar); and the two wheels at the front make it the safest and most stable scooter on the market.  It is no wonder it was voted ‘Toy of the Year’ in the UK, 2007.
No more frustrating walks with children who would rather get out of the buggy and walk in the opposite direction.  A 15-minute walk becomes a 5 minute whiz, and when they need a rest, you may simply pull the scooter along while the child stands on top.
It’s a proud moment when a mum or dad sees their young ones master and perfect the skills of a fully-grown surfer. That is what happens within days from when you give your child a Mini Micro! 
The Mini Micro is available in pink and blue.  The Maxi Micro is also available, for kids aged 6-12.  Call 9897 1234 to try one out or to place your order.


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