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Welcome to another fantastic competition brought to you by kidsmalta.com, Child magazine and Monsoon Children.

Win a €200 Voucher redeemable at any Monsoon Children outlet!

This competition is now closed. The winner, as chosen by Child Magazine editor Mark Wood, is Analise Muscat Pulis. Analise's reply was the below:

At what age should children start to choose their own clothes to wear? Why?
Since they learn to say no!! honestly, letting my children decide which outfit they prefer to wear, i found that they feel better as they have made a decision which was important. i prepare two outfits which are suitable for the occasion and then they choose which one to wear. even when going shopping i let them choose the clothes that they like then we discuss which ones to buy.
incorporating the kids in such small decisions, will help them as they grow older. if we are buying on a certain budget, we first choose the things that we like, then we determine which will be the more useful and then check whether it iswithin the budget. this way they start to learn how to budget andmake theirmoney last longer.
this may look silly at the eyes of the people for whommoney is not a problem,but i suggest that even for them, they should make a certainbudget line to respect the family as a whole.

We would like to thank once again Monsoon Children for sponsoring our competition.


Picture shows Analise Muscat Pulis (second from left) receiving a Eur200 voucher from Monsoon, in the presence of kidsmalta.com's Geraldine Schembri (right)




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