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Pool Safety Fences

Product Review: Pool Safety Fences
Put your mind at rest with a Pool Safety Fence
As soon as your child can crawl, it is important to prevent them from gaining access to your pool. Installation of a Pool Safety Fence will allow you more free time to relax, while your kids are having fun too.
Fences can be fitted to any pool shape and size.  They are made of a strong mesh fabric and mounted on aluminum poles of 1.2 metres high. Once installed, a fence can easily be removed in minutes, rolled and stored .
The installed fence will not obstruct the view and a self locking gate allows an easy access.
The fence can also be used to isolate a part of your garden or home.  
The cost of the fence is €59.00 per 90cm and €400.00 for the date (excluding installation). The installation can be made DIY or by a team of trained installers.


Pool Safety Malta are offering kidsmalta.com readers a 15% cash discount (or the option of paying in 24 installments. Leasing options are also available.
For a free onsite visit or a quote call Pool Safety Malta on 21257411 or  99499043. Further information can also be found on www.poolsafetymalta.com



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