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Pregnancy Calendar, Weeks 1-2

At this stage you are not actually pregnant yet. During the first two weeks you will begin your monthly cycle, ovulate and conception will take place.

Our pregnancy calendar is based on a 40 week timetable, so your pregnancy will actually only start during week 3.

How is your due date calculated?
We calculate your due date by simply adding 280 days to the day when you started your monthly cycle. The human gestation period is actually 266 days, so by adding 14 days, which is the average ovulation period to the first day of your cycle, we come to the 280 day figure.
Of course, if you have been monitoring your cycle and know when you ovulated, it does make it easier to calculate your conception and due dates. Use our pregnancy calculator to calculate your due date and conception date.
Your health and your pregnancy
Your health will play the ultimate role in your pregnancy. It will play a large role in determining how easy or difficult your pregnancy could be and how healthy your baby will be. Eating a nutritiously balanced diet, getting regular exercise and plenty of rest will see you whiz through your pregnancy, and delivering a healthy, happy baby.

If you are still smoking and trying to fall pregnant, then now is a good time to stop! You and your baby will both benefit greatly from it. It's probably also a great idea to cut down on your caffeine and alcohol intake now as well.


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