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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 21

How big is your baby?
From this week on we can measure the baby from head to heel. It will now be around 10.51 inches (26.7cm ) and will weigh 12.70 ounces (360g).
How big are you?
Your uterus should now be about 1cm above your bellybutton this week. By this week your waist line would have completely disappeared and friends, family and even strangers will know that you are pregnant.
How is your baby developing and growing
Your baby's digestive system is already functioning in a simple way. At this stage your baby can swallow amniotic fluid, absorb much of the water in it and then pass the unabsorbed matter as far as the large bowel.
As mentioned above, your baby is already swallowing fluids, it is believed that swallowing of amniotic fluid may actually help with growth, development and will condition the digestive system to function normally after birth. The amniotic fluid which surrounds your baby, and your baby is using to practice swallowing and digestion is actually replaced every 3-4 hours.

Over the first three days of this week your babys legs will reach their final proportions. You may notice that when your baby is born that their arms and legs look "short". This is normal, and their proportions will begin to change when they move to start crawling and walking.
Your nutrition
Many women experience food cravings during their pregnancy and some don't experience any cravings at all. This, of course, can be both good and bad, obviously it is be good if you crave nutritious foods and bad if you crave non-nutritious foods like sweets and chocolates.
No one really can say for sure why a woman craves specific foods during pregnancy, but is more than likely brought about by all the hormonal and emotional changes she undergoes during pregnancy.
Your body
Is exercise safe during pregnancy? Exercise can be a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy and can even keep some symptoms - such as varicose veins, excessive weight gain, and backache - to a minimum.
But pregnancy is not the time to start training for a triathlon - going slowly is the name of the game. Because ligaments become more relaxed during pregnancy, you're at higher risk for injury, so low- or non-impact exercise such as yoga, swimming, and walking are your best bets.
Talk to your health care provider before beginning any exercise program while you're pregnant. 

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