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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 27

How big is your baby?
Congratulations! This week is the beginning of your third trimester. Your baby now weighs 1.93 pounds (875g) and measures from head to toe at around 14.41 inches (36.6cm). 
How big are you?
Your uterus is about 2.75inches (7cm) above your bellybutton and more than 10.62 inches (27cm) above your pubic symphysis.
How is your baby developing and growing
At this stage the nerve connection from the eyes to the brain will start to form, this is called the optic nerve. At 11 to 12 weeks the eyelids form but remain fused together until 27 to 28 weeks, when they start to open and close and he/she will start to develop his/her sense of sight.
Your babys brain continues to grow and develop, and over the coming month special attention will be paid to developing the forebrain. There is also particular development in the portions of the brain which deal with visual and auditory information.
By the middle of this week your baby , so be sure to include omega baby's brain development, so be sure to include 3 rich food sources in your diet.
Changes in you
By this stage most of you will already have felt your baby move, and those movements will now be getting stronger and stronger. It is usually around the 27th week of your pregnancy that your healthcare provider may ask you to start counting your baby's kicks. You may be asked to count how many times he moves in an hour, or to time how long it takes to move ten times.
If you are diabetic then your baby may start to gain more weight than normal from now on. So women may be diabetic before their pregnancy, while others may develop gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes usually effects 2-7% of all pregnancies and usually disappears after childbirth.
Both of these complications can easily be managed with the right treatment and the possible side effects of each can be easily minimized.
Your body
Your body instinctively nourishes and protects your baby during pregnancy, but caring for a newborn is a learned skill.
Consider signing up for childbirth classes through your local community center or hospital to learn about topics such as labor, options for pain relief, what to expect after delivery, common newborn problems, babyproofing, breastfeeding and formula feeding, and infant CPR.
Learning all you can about birth and babies will help you feel more confident, especially if you're a first-time parent.

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