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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 30

How big is your baby?
Your baby will be weighing in at around 2.91 pounds (1.319kg) and measuring 15.71 inches (39.9cm). 
How big are you?
Your uterus now sits about 4 inches (10 cm) above your bellybutton and about 12 inches (23cm) above your pubic symphysis.
At this stage of your pregnancy you may feel as if you are beginning to run out of room or that you may actually explode at any minute. Not to worry, you only have another 10 weeks to go . The bad news is that your uterus, placenta and baby will get bigger, although you will certainly not explode.
How is your baby developing and growing
Your baby is usually quite active already at this stage and it might happen that a knot will developed in the baby's umbilical chord, however this doesn't occur very often. Should this happen to your baby, you need not worry, as this will not prevent the umbilical cord from functioning properly.
The brain will start to develop convolutions. A convoluted brain contains more cells - and is thus more powerful than a brain with a flat surface.
Nerve cell transmission will begin to speed up with the aid of myelin, also known as myelinization. Myelin is a fatty substance which coats the outside of the nerve cells and helps to improve the efficiency of nerve messages being sent to and from your babys brain.
Your nutrition
Many women want to know if it is safe to drink herbal teas during their pregnancy. Although most are safe to drink, some are not. Here is a list of what herbal teas you can drink and the benefits you may enjoy from them:
  • Chamomile : aids ingestion
  • Dandelion : Helps with swelling and may soothe an upset stomach
  • Ginger Root : Helps with nausea and nasal congestion
  • Nettle Leaf : Is rich in iron, calcium and other beneficial minerals and vitamins.
  • Peppermint : Relieves gas and calms the stomach
  • Red Raspberry : Helps with nausea and stabilizes hormones
Your body
Constipation is a common complaint of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones that allow you to maintain your pregnancy also slow the digestive process considerably.
Exercising regularly and eating foods high in fiber, such as vegetables and whole grains, are great ways to keep everything regular.

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