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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 35

How big is your baby?
Your baby will be weighing in at around 2.383kg (5.25 pounds) and measuring 46.2cm (18.19 inches). 
How big are you?
If you have not yet dropped (your baby has moved down into the birth canal) your uterus should now sit about 5.90 inches (15cm) above your bellybutton and about 13.79 inches (35cm) above your pubic symphysis.
Your weight gain up to this point of your pregnancy should be around 23.8-28.6 pounds (10.8-13kg).
How is your baby developing and growing
  • Fatty deposits continue this week, as your baby will start to get fatter around the arms and legs now.
  • If you are having a boy, then the testes should have completed their descent into the scrotum this week.
  • Should your baby be born this week, he/she will lose weight faster than a full term baby as the digestive tract is not yet completely developed to be self sufficient.
Will your baby fit through the birth canal?
Even if your doctor has estimated the birth weight of your baby, there is no way to tell whether your baby will fit through the birth canal. The best test method to know is, unfortunately, labor itself, and should your baby be too big to fit through the birth canal, the result would be that he/she would be born by an emergency C-section.
In some cases petit women have no trouble all at in delivering a 3.5kg baby naturally, and in other cases some average sized women have difficulty in delivering 2.9kg baby. There really is no way of telling until you are in the situation.
Preparing for baby's birth
If you haven't already started preparing for the birth of your baby, then now is the time to start doing so. You may want to start gathering the following information to take with you to the hospital:
  • Your blood type and RH-Factor
  • When your last period was, and when your due date is
  • Details of any past pregnancies
  • Your partners contact details (in the event that she/he is not with you)
  • Your healthcare providers name and contact details
  • Your paediatricians name and contact details
  • Your pre-authorization number from your medical aid or health insurance.

Something else you will want to do is to create a birth plan. Creating a birth plan will allow you to ask yourself the questions you should be asking before childbirth. It will also give you a change to get your mind focused and ready for your labor experience.
In preperation for your impending labour you will no doubt be experiencing some strong braxton hicks contractions, but it is also important that you are able to tell what the signs symptoms of labour are and what the different stages of labor are.
Your body
The bond you may already feel with the baby growing inside of you will only grow stronger once your baby is born. Bonding — the intense attachment that develops between you and your baby — is not something that only occurs within minutes or days after birth.
It may happen later and it may develop over time. Bonding not only makes you want to protect your baby and shower him or her with affection, but it also fosters your baby's sense of security in the world outside your womb.

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