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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 8

How big is your baby?
By the end of the 8th week your baby will measure between 1.6cm (0.63inch) and weigh around 1gram (0.04ounce). Your baby would fit into a wallnut shell and will weight around the same as a book of matches by the end of the week.
Your baby's development
Your baby is continuing to grow and develop at a very fast pace. By now your baby has eyelid folds, nerve cells and the retina are also beginning to form in the eye.
Your baby should now have a tip to his/her nose and even the ears are developing, both internally and externally.
By now the aortic and pulmanary valves are present in the heart. The tubes leading from the throat to the functioning part of the lungs are branched, and even your babys' trunk is straightening and lengthening out.
Babys arms are coming along nicely now as well. The arms continue to grow and now already have elbows, which will cause the arms to curve slightly over the heart. The digital rays in the fingers are now notched, so the fingers will be fully developed soon. You will also notice that your babys head is much larger in relation to the rest of his/her body.
The gonads are beginning to form as well and over the next few weeks they will develop into either testes or ovaries.
The cerebellum, which is the area of the brain which coordinates muscle movement, is beginning to develop.


The first trimester of any pregnancy is the most important, and it usually the most common time for complications to arise. It is also the most common time frame for a miscarriage.
Common signs of miscarriage
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Severe cramps
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Pain that begins in the small of the back and moves towards the lower abdomen
  • Loss of tissue.
Your body
Pregnancy symptoms such as a missed period, nausea, extreme fatigue, or tight clothes due to the swelling of your uterus have probably prompted you to wonder whether you're pregnant. Once you have confirmation of your pregnancy from a home pregnancy test or blood or urine test at the doctor's office, you should call and schedule your first prenatal visit.
Your pregnancy may be monitored by one of several health care professionals, including an obstetrician, nurse practitioner, midwife, or family doctor. If your pregnancy is considered high risk (for example, if you have had multiple miscarriages, are older than 35, or have a history of pregnancy complications), your doctor may want to see you as early as possible and more often during the course of your pregnancy.
Good prenatal care is extremely important for the health and safe delivery of your baby, so be sure to make prenatal appointments a top priority.

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