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Pregnancy Calendar, Week 9

How big is your baby?
Your baby now measures 2.3cm (0.90inch) and weighs around 2grams (0.7ounces). It is now about the size of a medium green olive. By the end of the week your babys arms will only be about as long as this 1.
Your baby's development
There have been many changes to your growing baby over the last few days. Your baby's arms and legs are now longer and straighter. His/her hands will be flexed at the wrist and will almost  meet over the heart.
Your baby will have longer fingers now which are enlarged at the ends - as the touch pads are still developing.
The legs are still developing, but may be long enough to meet in front of the torso. The toes are also developing nicely now.
Your baby's neck is now also more developed, which allows the head to be more erect. Eyelids will almost be covering your baby's eyes as well. Even his/her ears are now externally developed.
At this stage of your pregnancy your baby is able to move it's body and limbs and you may be able to see this movement during an ultrasound exam.
Overall your baby is starting to look more human, even though it is still extremely small.

Vitamin C during Pregnancy
Vitamin C is very important during pregnancy. It is important for fetal tissue development and the absorption of iron, and may even help prevent pre-eclampsia.
Vitamin C also helps to build the amniotic sac and will also reduce the chances of premature births. Too much Vitamin C can also lead to stomach cramps and diarrhea and it may also affect your baby's metabolism, so it is important to try not to exceed the 85mg daily limit.
Your body
In preparation for your first prenatal visit, take the time to familiarize yourself with your family's health history and to review your medical records.
Have you had any chronic illnesses, allergies, or surgeries? Are you currently taking any prescription medications? Do you know of any genetic disorders that run in your family? Has your menstrual cycle been regular, and have you had any past pregnancies? Do you smoke or drink alcohol? What are your exercise habits?
These are the things your health care provider will want to discuss with you, so it will help to have this information ready when you go.

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