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Spinach Christmas Camp Competition

We all want what’s best for our children, and what better way is there to raise healthy children, than to instil in them a love for fitness from a very young age? Exercise will benefit their physical health, while improving balance, co-ordination and body awareness.

Exercise also helps children’s mental health, by improving concentration, helping them to
release anxiety and to feel good about themselves.
At the Christmas Camp organised by Spinach Fitness from the 22nd December till 7th January, kids will release all their pent up energy, while being involved in fun and exciting activities, which are also educational. Throughout this 3 week programme, kids will be engaged in the following:
  • Exciting physical activities such as Gymnastics, Athletics, Kids’ Aerobics, Kids’ Yoga,
  • Interactive Fitness and Indoor rock climbing
  • Team games designed to teach children to work cooperatively
  • Health Related Fitness sessions, where children learn how their bodies work
  • Cool Dancing lessons
  • Creative activities such as Crafts, Painting, Music & Christmas Sing-along
  • Word & Number Fun, Book club, Fun games and Christmas Movies
  • Christmas related activities and games

This competition is now closed
The winners of this competition are Jessica Abdilla and Mary Rose Pace.

Good Luck!

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