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Product Review: Start-rite Shoes
Choosing the Best Footwear for your children
At Start-rite, we believe that it's really important to measure a child's feet accurately before buying them every pair of shoes. That's because ill-fitting shoes can have a serious impact on your child's foot health for years to come.
To be sure that your child is wearing shoes that fit properly, you can visit one of our retailers where trained staff will measure and fit your child with shoes.
Start-rite shoes are sold by retailers with skills developed through Start-rite training and experience.

Using the Start-rite foot gauge, they will measure both feet for length and width/girth to give them a guide to the size that your child will need. They will then advise on the style most suited to your child's foot.
When checking the fit of the shoe, the fitter will get your child to stand up so that they can make sure that the shoe is of the correct length, width and girth. They will also check that the shoe is not rubbing on the anklebone and that the fastening is comfortable and secure. They will then watch the child walk, to make sure that the shoes do not slip off and on.

Things to look for when shopping for shoes:
  • Shoes that come in whole and half sizes, and in different width fittings, to ensure the best fit for your child
  • Footwear which is styled to resemble the natural shape of the foot, so for a toddler this should be wide at the toe and narrow at the heel
  • Effective fasteners across the instep so that your child doesn't curl their toes to keep them on
  • Shoes made from, and lined with, breathable materials such as leather to allow the feet to breathe
  • Soles that are lightweight, flexible and non-slip to make walking easier for young children

Start-rite shoes can be bought from Scholl Centres in Sliema, Valletta, Fgura and Mosta and Abela‚Äôs Health & Beauty Centre in Gozo.



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