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Subway Malta Restaurant

With more than 42,000 locations in 107 countries, the SUBWAY® brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, and has become a leader in the international development of the quick service restaurant industry.

SUBWAY® restaurants first ventured outside North America when the first location opened in the small Middle Eastern island nation of Bahrain in December of 1984. Since then, the SUBWAY® concept has gone around the world, with restaurants opening from Argentina to Zambia.

Wherever SUBWAY® restaurants are located, the core menu stays relatively the same — with the exception of some cultural and religious variations. World travelers can expect the same high quality of ingredients regardless of what nation they are visiting. You can enjoy a footlong Turkey Breast Sub, with your choice of a variety of vegetables and condiments served on bread baked right in the restaurant in Jamaica, then travel to New Zealand and get the same footlong Turkey Breast Sub!

Nutritional Information

In many countries, the SUBWAY® menu highlights a selection of sandwiches that are low in fat and under 350 calories. You can incorporate these sandwiches into your diet and exercise program in your pursuit to maintain a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Throughout the years, the SUBWAY restaurant chain has earned a well-respected reputation for offering customers a better alternative to traditional greasy and fatty fast food. The following are some tips to lower the fat, calories, sodium and increase the fiber in your next SUBWAY meal.

To Reduce Fat and Calories
  • Many vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat free. Request items such as raw vegetables, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, or pickles.
  • Limit the amount of cheese, bacon and creamy dressings used.
  • Ask for mustard or vinegar instead of mayonnaise or oil.

To Reduce Sodium
  • Limit items such as cheese, bacon, salt, mustard, mayonnaise, jalapeno peppers, olives and pickles.
  • Top your sandwich with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, green peppers and onions.
  • Try the Olive Oil Blend and vinegar on your salad instead of dressing.

To Increase Fiber
  • Make sure to include lots of vegetables on your sandwich or salad.

Check out these promotional videos to get to know more Subway, including endorsements from Michelle Obama, Michael Phelps, and others:

SUBWAY® are seriously into veggies. All kinds, not just the expected. So you can make a one-of-a-kind creation bursting with flavour.

Bread is the foundation of every delicious sandwich at SUBWAY®. Come in today to see how our bread is on the rise™!

First lady Michelle Obama accompanied by local students and their parents ate Subway sandwiches served to them by athletes Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin, and Justin Tuck.

Obama announced she will be collaborating with PHA (Partnership for a Healthy America) as part of her "Let's Move" initiative to combat childhood obesity.

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