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Tub4Fun Competition



This competition is now closed!

The winners are :

(1st Prize) Maria Camilleri
(2nd Prize) Bernice Farrugia
(3rd Prize) Rosalind Dougall

Well done!

Have a Splash - with Tub4Fun products!
Welcome to yet another competition on kidsmalta.com - Malta's number 1 parenting website!

Thanks to our friends at Tub4Fun.com we have several exciting bath-time products to give away! Bath time can be scary for toddlers. Most toddlers don’t want water on their face, so washing hair, and some of the other parts of bath time become somewhat problematic.

If you have a stubborn toddler, you may have trouble even getting them into the tub, let alone washing them and making them clean. So, what can you do to eliminate the fighting, and make bath time fun for stubborn toddlers?

The answer is tub4fun products! The range includes Magic Wands, Kneading Soaps, Cuddly Tinti, Tub Toys and much more! Click this link or on the video below for more information on the range of Tub4Fun products.


We will be giving the following prizes to 3 lucky winners:

1st Prize:
1 Tub Toy (comes with 3 Bathwater Colours)
1 Tub Party (consists of 1 BW Colour/1 Crackling Bath/1 Bath Confetti)
1 Kneading Soap (consists of 3 different colour Soaps)
1 Magic Towel
1 Tinti Mug

2nd Prize:
1 Magic Volcano

3rd Prize:
1 Magic Wand
Send your answer to the question below, together with your contact details, to info@kidsmalta.com

Q. Name 3 products from the Tub4Fun range which are NOT listed on this page
(Visit www.tub4fun.com to see the full range)

Good Luck!

Three lucky answers will be randomly drawn and the winners will receive the prizes listed above!

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